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A passion for creating memories

For Alain and Nadine Chevreux, becoming successful restaurateurs and caterers was more of a natural progression than a conscious choice. Born, raised and professionally trained in Alsace Lorraine and Paris, France, Alain and Nadine have always understood the magic that comes with creating a fantastic dining experience. Alain worked as a DJ and party planner in France, where excellent cuisine is always the foundation upon which amazing celebrations are built.

Our Story

Coming to America, it was only natural for Alain and Nadine to ‘infiltrate’ the New York restaurant scene. Alain started as a waiter, working in a variety of restaurants throughout the West Village, Upper East & West Side and Gramercy Park. It wasn’t long before he opened his first restaurant. The idea of maintaining an inviting ambiance that engages all the senses to enhance the dining experience proved popular among New Yorkers, and Alain earned a reputation for delivering something memorable and unique to his clientele. Alain’s ability to create a totally immersive dining experience led to further successful restaurant ventures throughout New York.

From restaurateur to caterer

As word spread about their delicious food, people began to request it for their parties and intimate gatherings, which led to catering for weddings and other larger celebrations. Today, they celebrate their passion for food by working together as husband and wife to create beautiful and memorable experiences through Voila Caterers. Their French restaurant Café du Soleil is the birthplace of all their catered cuisine creations, ensuring the exquisite quality that New York clientele continue to appreciate.

Quality you experience

With Café du Soleil serving as our creative base, Voila Caterers uses only the finest and freshest organic seasonal ingredients. Our menus are designed to capture the theme and mood of your celebration. From classic menus to vegan and/or vegetarian options, our professional staff is happy to deliver exactly what you want for your wedding, anniversary celebration, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, corporate gathering or holiday celebration: whatever the occasion, Voila Caterers delivers the perfect combination of ambiance and cuisine that your guests will remember forever. We look forward to providing you with the kind of impeccable service that has made Voila Caterers Manhattan’s favorite event caterer.

Serving your family is our family’s passion

There’s an intimacy that surrounds fine dining…sharing a delicious creation with special friends and relatives. Both Alain and Nadine love melding taste, sound, sight and feel to create a total enjoyable sensory dining experience. This passion has been shared with their two sons who have joined them, making Voila Caterers a true family enterprise. The entire staff delights in the familial relationship at Voila, and the celebratory atmosphere permeates every aspect of our service. Our clients become fast friends, and one celebration often leads to future gatherings catered by Voila. We truly love helping you celebrate life’s events. Dine well, live well, love well: it’s what we do at Voila Caterers.

An Overview of our Catering Services

Corporate meetings, dream-like weddings, huge parties, and intimate gatherings: whatever the occasion, Voila Caterers delivers a memorable experience that captures your vision and exceeds your expectations. Our many services include:

  • Corporate Catering Services

    From company holiday gatherings to corporate employee recognition celebrations, Voila Caterers has the practical experience and professional approach necessary to create the perfect gathering for your corporate event.

  • Social Event Catering & Event Planning

    Whether you’re planning a special fundraiser, introducing a business opportunity, celebrating a bar or bat mitzvah or virtually any type of social event, the professionals at Voila Catering simplify the process, handling all the details so you can spend time getting to know new guests, networking, or simply enjoying one of the most beautifully-planned and orchestrated experiences you’ll ever witness.

  • Off Premise & Party Catering

    When the magic needs to happen at your location, Voila Catering is there, making sure every detail is managed expertly. Our off-premise team understands the special circumstances that involve the creation of a premier presentation at any type of venue…and they bring it all together for you in the most efficient and professional manner possible.

  • Wedding & Cocktail Party Catering

    When it has to be extraordinary, Voila Catering is the caterer of preference. Our reputation for planning, preparing and presenting everything from exquisitely elaborate weddings to the most refined black-tie soirees is well established, and our experience in making each event a unique happening ensures your event will be the topic of positive conversation for years to come.

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