Great Tips on Working with Your Catering Service before a Party in Manhattan, Harlem, Tribeca, Union Square, Upper East Side, Midtown and Surrounding Areas

Food is the heart of every occasion or event, be it a wedding or a gather. So, the first and foremost thing that you need to take care of while arranging a party is the catering. And we, at Voila Caterers, can be the perfect solution for you. Whether you need catering services for your corporate event, private house party, brunch, weddings, fundraisers, cocktail parties or drop-off catering, we can do it all. We bring you a sumptuous list of mouthwatering food in a personalized menu that will add a je ne sais quoi to your party or event. So, if you live in and around areas like Manhattan, Harlem, Tribeca, Union Square, Upper East Side, and Midtown, you can count on us.

If you are ordering a catering service for the first time, you might need a little guidance. So, here, we have a few tips that will help you. Take a look.

  1. Decide on the Menu

First of all, after you have selected the right catering company, you should sit with the chef and decide on a nice and lip-smacking menu. Ask the catering service about the items they can provide you with. Tell them about the kind of event it is. An experienced company can also give you some suggestions and ideas on how to curate the menu.

  1. Ask for Samples

Don’t just go by the word of the catering service you are hiring. You should taste their food items yourself and then order them for your guests. So, you can shortlist a few things that you want to serve at your party and accordingly, ask for samples too.

So, these were the two main things that will help you work with a catering service better. And if you are interested in hiring us for your special occasions, quickly give us a call at 212.316.9600 now.